Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The four-song Summer SPACE ep is nearly ready to launch!

Shok will be in our other homeland, San Francisco, to spin at The Misty Twin Peaks Dance Social on Thursday the 25th of May. Electric Swingset presents this at DNA Lounge.
You can expect to hear a few of our new tunes.

We will be back there soon with our new live show, complete with video show!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pre-Summer SPACE EP


We have new material coming soon for a pre-Summer SPACE ep launch!

Straight To The Moon is the first of the songs ready for lift-off while we tend to final mission operation sequences.

Joining our flight crew for this expedition are Henry Knox on clarinet and Sergio Flores on saxophone.

1. Straight To The Moon
2. Cosmic Night
3. Neptune Noir
4. Straight To The Moon (NK Riot & Shok Space Jam Mix)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring update!!!

Our new song is "Straight To The Moon" and not only does this have 3 layers of Juliette singing and our friend, Henry Knox on Clarinet but a special guest on Sax!!!

The song's working title was Sass and will be released in April. You can listen to a snippet of an earlier version on the Red Light DistrictAGRAM here: http://instagram.com/rldistrict

Shok will be DJing for the first time in years this Saturday at Sex Cells, held at The Echoplex this Saturday, the 25th.  It is being called the best party in Los Angeles!
Info & Tix: https://www.facebook.com/events/290461961374096/

Thursday, March 2, 2017

March forward!

We are now in March and we have recently begun working on new material.

Some of this material is sounding quite Electro Klezmer with the addition of our friend, Henry Knox.

Expect collaborations with Top Shelf Brass Band and videos to follow!

In other news, Shok has been busy in studios working as producer, mixer, etc. with such folks as Mandrill, Armen Ra, Hunger City, Jameson Tabor and rumour has it, the legendary Wah Wah Watson.

Shok's work as Emit Peels will have the first release in over 10 years next month with Machines.Tell.Stories which is an experimental body or work accompanied by a series of video releases.  More on this: http://facebook.com/emitpeels007 & http://emit-peels.webnode.com

Juliette has been performing in Los Angeles with Babylon Cabaret at Three Of Clubs.
More info here.

If you would like RLD to come to your town, please reach us via our contact page.

Please connect with us via instagram@RLDistrict 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy Autumn!

We took the summer off to go FULL VAMPIRE!

On the 7th & 8th of October, we will be back in San Francisco at The Konservatory and
DNA Lounge for Bootie Mashup respectively.

If you have not seen us in sometime, we will perform as
RLD Soundsystem, our stripped-down mostly-electronic configuration with our video show. All songs have been revamped for a high energy dance party time! #FUNtasm!

We will have shirts, pins, hugs and maybe more treats for you!

Please visit us on the BOOK of FACES for the event updates.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Whoops! We performed a magic trick and vanished!


We vanished for a while though if you have followed us on the Book Of Faces, Instragramaphone or the Twitterland, it will be apparent that we have been BIZ-Wh-I!

We had a few re-releases, added merchandise (shirts & buttons) with a new logo, had performances such as the recent Clockwork Alchemy in San Jose with our all new video show and further alterations for our evolving RLD Soundsystem, the stripped-down version of our band.

Over the next few months, expect an onslaught of releases to appear on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Google Music and more!

This July, we will perform at Trapeze, in Los Angeles, perfectly timed for our 28th of July and 2nd of August birthdays. It will be a grand time and we will have a full brass band joining us on stage with some very special surprise guests along with The Gentlemen Callers Of Los Angeles.

If you would like to help spread the sound of RLD, please shoot us a line!

See some of our live visuals below.

Best Wishes!